Anne Gedeon’s work is an equal experimentation of form, composition and color. Her inspiration is drawn from the juxtaposition of the old versus the new, the raw versus the polished, the modern versus the conventional, impression versus appearance. These disparities, are very apparent in the DNA of her work and somehow unite to produce very homogeneous designs. She had started with designing pieces for her friends and soon developed a network that wanted to purchase her work, so she began receiving custom-made orders which soon after evolved into the production of full collections. She’s perpetually developing a new myriad of shapes using a diverse spectrum of interesting materials. Texture is the hero in her art, so one will notice the extensive use of fabric, string, plastic, stones, rubber, metal, wood, leather intermixed with genuine pearls, semi-precious stones, swarovski pieces, antique ornaments & various commonly used items like pins & felt to name a few.

Each piece speaks to you. She collects all her gems and stones from all over her travels, from markets and souks, from dealers and antique collectors...from global stores or more pleasurably from off-the-beaten track burrows tucked away in the heart of the bustling cities. Customarily, each piece is a statement, a one-of-a kind piece – there are no two pieces alike – as they are hand-made with care & precision. Which is why her jewelry is dubbed GRIN ART; NEK ART, (necklaces) , EAR ART (earrings), HAND ART (bracelets) and so on. Anne not only produces eccentric jewelry, but dabbles in accessories too, and has created new concept ‘NEKART’ shawls using the Middle Eastern scarf some years back. The line is called KAFIYA ART for the simpler neck shawls, and KAFIYA KOUTURE for the limited edition elaborate line.

Why GRIN? Because every piece will put a GRIN on your face!